22. Hyacinthe RIGAUD (1659-1743) Portrait... - Lot 22 - Farrando

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22. Hyacinthe RIGAUD (1659-1743) Portrait... - Lot 22 - Farrando
22. Hyacinthe RIGAUD (1659-1743) Portrait of Eberhard von Harling Oil on canvas. 81 x 63 cm Annotated on the back of the lining: Fait par Hyacinthe Rigaud à Paris /1719. Lifts and small missing parts. Bibliography: Ariane James Sarrazin, catalogue raisonné of the works of Hyacinthe Rigaud, vol.2 p. 452.N°P.1336. History. Inscribed in 1719; painted mainly between 31 March and 10 August 1719. Bibl.: AN, O^1* 223, fol. 318; Palatine, ed. 2004, pp. 134, 136, 143; BIF, ms. 624, fol. 39 and ms. 625, fol. 33; Saint-Simon, ed. Coirault, 1985, vol. V, p. 740; Roman, 1919, pp. 186-187; Van der Cruysse, 1988, pp. 217, 310, 552; James-Sarazin, 2003/4, cat. I, nos. 1062 (reiterating Roman's proposal) and 1277 (no proposal); Perreau, 2013, no. *P.1267 (idem; table: not located). Analogy: La Penaye was inspired in 1718 by "un habillement d'après Mr. le comte d'Arlin" for 15 livres. Bibl.: BIF, ms. 625, fol. 33; Roman, 1919, p. 186. "M[onsieu]r le comte Dherlin cap[itai]ne des gardes de Mad[am]e d'Orléan la doyrière. [added by another hand: Hab(illement) rép(été)]" is recorded in 1719 in the account books for a portrait at 300 livres, i.e. a bust, but the mention of "un habillement d'après Mr le comte d'Arlin" in La Penaye's list of works for 1718, would tend to prove the anteriority of the work. However, the correspondence of the Palatine attests that the work did not begin until the spring of 1719, so there is a small error in the account books. As Roman indicates, Eberhard Ernst von Harling (1665-1729), a native of Hanover and a relative of Christian Friedrich von Harling, grand squire to Ernst August von Hanover, the Palatine's uncle (1713, P.1265), was placed in the service of the Madame as a page at the age of six. He had a brilliant military career in the service of France: first he joined the musketeers, and in 1702 he acquired the regiment of Guyenne, then was appointed to the He was made brigadier in 1705 after the siege of Haguenau, governor of Sommières (1717), knight of the order of Saint-Louis and marshal of camp in 1718, a promotion that most certainly motivated the commission of his portrait. Three years before, in 1715, he had been appointed captain of the guards of Madame. He received letters of naturality in 1726. According to Saint-Simon, Harling "was a very honest man, gentle, simple and witty". The correspondence of the Palatine with the Oberstallmeister Harling allows to follow in detail the posing sessions. The the painter set to work on March 31, 1719, anxious to have longer days than in winter than in winter, because in the eyes of the Palatine, he painted very slowly: [letter, written in German, from the Palatine of 30 March 1719]. On 19 April the model had to sit down three times in a row because of his gluttony (he had eaten a small roast suckling pig): [letter, written in German, 20 April 1719]. Finally, on August 10 August, the portrait was about to be finished and the Palatine was delighted, for Rigaud was an excellent painter, although his conversation, because of his stammer, was, she recalled, most unpleasant. (Excerpt from : Ariane James Sarrazin , Hyacinthe Rigaud, catalogue raisonné, vol. 2, p. 452).
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