74. Joseph FOUCHÉ (1763-1820) Conventional, Napoleon's... - Lot 74 - Farrando

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74. Joseph FOUCHÉ (1763-1820) Conventional, Napoleon's... - Lot 74 - Farrando
74. Joseph FOUCHÉ (1763-1820) Conventional, Napoleon's minister of police P.S. with 2 autograph lines, co-signed by the conventioneers Laporte and Méaulle, on a L.S. from Antoine Parmentier, [Lyon January-February 1794] ; 2 1/4 pages in-fol. with red wax seal. Petition of Parmentier, member of the Health Council, to the to the representatives of the people in the Free Commune, in order to to have the sequestration of the stores of the druggists lifted to get the necessary medicines for the hospitals... "I ask that the Citizen Brongniart [Antoine Brongniart (1742-1804), who wrote the document] already charged by you with the research of the drugs prescribed by the form by the form is at the head of the Depot of all the of all the drugs and medicines which he can obtain by the lifting of the the unsealing of the seals, in order to make the distribution of them the needs and requests of the health officers [...], that the that the surplus be paid into the central store of the Champ de Mars Mars in Paris. The interests of the Republic command of the city, and that it is not only the city that is the subject of the the opening of the sequestered stores, have them weighed, and remove from them of the city, and to be able to see and hear the news of the events of the to the Depot, and to take upon his personal responsibility the the commitment to pay the price of the removed drugs, at the the price fixed by the current Maximum "... The Representatives of the people authorize.
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