BOUCHET. Jean. The Annals of Aquitaine.... - Lot 126 - Farrando

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BOUCHET. Jean. The Annals of Aquitaine.... - Lot 126 - Farrando
BOUCHET. Jean. The Annals of Aquitaine. Faicts et gestes en sommaire des Roys de France et d'Angleterre, pays de Naples and Milan. Poictiers. Abraham Mounin. 1644. 1 large volume in folio, marbled basane stamped on both covers with the unidentified arms of an archbishop, ornate ribbed spine, gilt roulette framing the boards. Binding rubbed, 19th-century restorations with lighter basane, title page renewed. renewed. Copy trimmed short with damage to marginal remarks on about fifteen leaves. leaves. This important work contains, following Jean Bouchet's Annales, the following items with separate title pages separate title pages: LA HAYE. Jean de : Les mémoires et recherche de France, et de la Gaule aquitanique (Poitiers: Mounin, 1643). De l'Université de la ville de Poictiers (Poitiers: Mounin, 1643). FILLEAU. Jean. La preuve historique des litanies de la grande Reyne de France Saincte Radegonde, contenant par abbrégé les actions miraculeuses de sa vie. Illustrated with 4 full-page engravings, including the illustrated masthead. Numerous pagination errors without missing. Brunet I, 1164: "This work, whose merit has been generally recognized, is the best production of the over-fruitful Jean Bouchet. The 1644 edition is preferred to all the others, because of the augmentations it contains."
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