(CORSICA) - Collection of manuscripts and... - Lot 148 - Farrando

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(CORSICA) - Collection of manuscripts and... - Lot 148 - Farrando
(CORSICA) - Collection of manuscripts and printed matter. 1768-1774. 1 large volume in-4, contemporary vellum. Exceptional collection of manuscripts and printed documents illustrating the return and installation of power in Corsica after the cession of Corsica by the Genoese and the defeat of Paoli. 29 ordinances, rulings and edicts printed in Bastia by Sébastien François Batini. At the head of the volume, 80 handwritten pages in fine script: Distance between different towns in Corsica. Various manuscripts setting daily rates for stonemasons, masons, roofer, carpenters, employed on the King's work; rules of procedure; treatment of prisoners; maintenance of prison auditoriums; miscellaneous expenses; cost of paper; rates for the the executor of high justice (to cut off the head, 100, to burn, 50) State of the communities, villages and hamlets of the Isle of Corsica, with their distance both from the parish and from the place where the jurisdiction is established Printed ordinances include the following: Ordonnances de Louis XV pour l'instruction des Procédures Criminelles en Corse. Edit du Roi pour la reconnoissance de la Noblesse dans l'Isle de Corse. Edit du Roi pour fixer le Dénier de la Constitution dans l'Isle de Corse. Edit du Roi concernant les Mesures champêtres et la Police des campagnes en Corse. Arrêt du conseil d'État du Roi portant règlement pour les chemins de Corse. Order of the Council of State exempting Mules, Anons and Foals born in Corsica from the Subsidy, and also which also exempts Calves and Heifers which remain with their Owners. (Detailed list on request).
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