[CAMPAIGNS OF 1813 AND 1814] - Various documents... - Lot 379 - Farrando

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[CAMPAIGNS OF 1813 AND 1814] - Various documents... - Lot 379 - Farrando
[CAMPAIGNS OF 1813 AND 1814] - Various documents on 1814 and letters intercepted by the Allies, Prince Eugène's campaign in Italy Eugène Paris. 1813-1817. 5 pieces in 1 volume in-8, half eggplant basane, smooth spine ornate and unstained, trace label on spine. I. FRANCOIS I OF AUSTRIA: Déclaration de Sa Majesté Impériale et royale-apostolique. 1813. Official explanation by which Austria gives an account of its switch to the Allied camp Allies, after the breakdown of the August 1813 talks. II. Dispatches and letters intercepted by detached parties of the combined army of northern Germany. First part, containing documents relating to the French Empire. February 1814, with 2 large folding tables. III. Copy of original letters and dispatches from generals and ministers written from Paris to Buonaparte during his stay in Dresden Second edition. Paris, Librairie française et étrangère, 1815. One fold-out table. IV. [DEVERRE:] Journal historique sur la campagne du Prince Eugène, en Italie, pendant les 1813 and 1814. Paris. Plancher, Delaunay, Guibert. 1817. V. [MONNIER:] Une année de la vie de l'Empereur Napoléon Avec une belle gravure allegorical engraving. Second edition. Paris. Alexis Eymery, Delaunay, Pellicier. 1815.
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