[GERMAN CAMPAIGN] - [Wounding of General... - Lot 747 - Farrando

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[GERMAN CAMPAIGN] - [Wounding of General... - Lot 747 - Farrando
[GERMAN CAMPAIGN] - [Wounding of General de Wrede at Hanau]. (Hanau). (1813-1814). Gouache. 40 x 55.5 cm, on paper, wood frame. Poignant partisan account of the German Campaign in 1813, in the style of the gouaches of the gouache style. The painter, probably Austrian or Bavarian, evokes the confrontation, after the Battle of Leipzig, between Napoleon's troops and those of the Sixth Coalition. 43,000 Bavarians and Austrians commanded by General de Wrede advanced north of the Danube. They reached Hanau, in the Grand Duchy of Frankfurt, blocking Napoleon's route. Believing that the bulk of the French army north, Wrede thought he was up against only 20,000 men and deployed his troops along the and deployed his troops along the Kinzig, whose only bridge was the Hanau Gate. Despite the resistance superiority weakened his army, and on the afternoon of October 31st, a sniper shot and wounded de Wrede. and wounded de Wrede. The wounding of the Bavarian army chief decapitated the Austro-Bavarian forces and ensure victory for the French. Our gouache has a counterpart, probably painted by the same artist, as they are so similar. and depicts Hanau at the start of the battle. It is owned by the small town of Karlstein, on the edge of Hanau.
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