Comic strip

lundi 29 mars 2021 14:00
LTSE , 50, rue Ardoin Bat. 561H 93400 Saint Ouen
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Expo: Friday 26th March from 10am to 5pm at LTSE

50 rue Ardoin 93400 Saint Ouen - Bât 561H

GPS point: https: //

Expert: Michel COSTE - IMAGINEM: 06 72 01 66 95 -

In addition to the bids, the buyers will pay, per lot, the following fees and taxes: 27% VAT included.

The batches are stored at LTSE.

Storage fees will be charged from April 6th.

You can already ask for an estimate for the transport of the batches:

  • to LTSE :
  • or to MBE Asnières : 01 46 85 14 32
  • or to any other carrier of your choice

Repatriation to the study is possible for small batches and within the capacity of the study.

Sales conditions