• Sold 519 520 €
    Michael SWEERTS (Bruxelles, 1618 - Goa, 1664)
    Un enfant tenant un fruit (allégorie du goût)
  • Sold 5 800 €
    André HAMBOURG (1909-1999)
    Sur la plage
  • Sold 45 000 €
    LE PHO (1907-2001)
    Le bain, deux femmes dans un paysage,
    circa 1945
  • Sold 24 992 €
  • Sold 31 000 €
    Sculpture en marbre et albâtre
    représentant un portrait en buste.
  • Sold 26 242 €
    ARTAUD Antonin
    «Le rite du Peyotl chez Tarahumaras»,
    Rodez 1943

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Lot N° 240

Table with a mahogany mechanism and flamed mahogany veneer, the sliding top simultaneously opens the drawer, revealing two inlaid-decorated shutters and an easel mirror.
The central part of the front of the drawer, which forms a flap, has a shelf which, when opened, forms a writing tablet whose inclination can be adjusted by an easel on the reverse. A drawer in the centre is flanked by two long narrow drawers that can be swivelled.
The top is highlighted by a fine inlaid frieze and is surrounded by a gilded bronze ingot mould.
Sheath legs finished with squares and topped with dark copper flutes on the uprights.
Chased and gilded bronze ornamentation such as drapery handles, brettées and umbilicals.
By David Roentgen, unsigned.
Louis XVI period, circa 1785-1790.
Dimensions (closed):
Height: 76 cm
Width: 91 cm
Depth: 62 cm

Josef Maria Greber, Abraham und David Roentgen, Starnberg, 1980, vol. I, p. 227 and vol. II, p. 300, pl. 586.
Fabian, Dietrich, Abraham and David Roentgen, Bad Neustadt/Saale, 1996, p. 66, pl. 113.
Burckhardt, Monica, Le mobilier Louis XVI, Paris, 1970.
Plas, Solange de, Les meubles à transformation et à secret, Paris, 1975.

David Roentgen was received as Master Cabinetmaker in Paris on May 24, 1780.
A cabinetmaker of German nationality, whose workshops were located in Neuwied on the Rhine, David was the son of Abraham Roentgen and took over the management of his father's workshop in 1769. It was in 1774 that David made his first trip to Paris and, on his return to the capital in 1779, exhibited a large quantity of furniture. On this occasion, Louis XVI acquired a cabinet, a chest of drawers, a music box and a clock, at the very high price of 80,000 livres (dismembered in the 19th century). He then became "cabinetmaker-mechanic to the king and queen" and counted among his prestigious clients the Count of Artois, the King of Prussia, the Emperor of Au

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